What is Jeparody Live?

Everyone loves Game Shows, yet few of us ever get the thrill of experiencing one first hand – until now!!! JEPARODY LIVE! Comedy Game Show looks as if it just came off of TV and into your event!!! Complete with an 8-foot high game board, 3 colorfully lit up player positions with microphones, electronic buzzers and scoring, incredible sound effects and a Game Host (William James) who has won awards for being an entertainer at the top of his game!!!

It’s all about the funny, as audience members try to out wit and out guess each other for the right answers. Drawing a blank? Don’t know the answer? - That’s all right because any member of your team can help you! Behind in points? Losing badly? – That’s okay too because your team can catch up in the Zany Survivor Challenge! Finding the questions easy? Perhaps your team is way out in the lead? Watch that lead disappear when you get out bid in the hilarious Mystery Shopper Round!!! If that’s not enough, we’ve packed in hidden comedy point challenges – get back in the game by yodeling, tap dancing, or even doing an impromptu ballet performance!!! Fun, Fun Fun!!!

It’s all here – every aspect of what people love about classic television game shows (The Gong Show, Price is Right, Family Feud, Beat the Clock and Jeopardy) now exists in the Jeopardy Live! Comedy Game Show!!! And you can bring it to your next event!!!

Please Note: Trivia questions are based on common everyday knowledge and for the most part are meant to be easy. For the ultimate in customization, questions may be changed to include topics on your company, organization, event, etc. JEPARODY LIVE! Comedy Game Show can be played in as little as 45 minutes or can cover up to 2 hours – depending on your events needs! Give your events attendees an experience that they will talk about long after the event is over – give them JEPARODY LIVE!

For the BEST in Entertainment there is only one Answer . . .
“What is JEPARODY - LIVE!”