Better Sleep - Deeper Rest

Lay back and listen as Hypnotist William James helps to deeply relax all of your muscles, while taking your mind on a soothing and incredibly relaxing journey to a sun drenched tropical beach; complete with waves, birds and a crystal clear blue sky! All of your stress and anxiety will melt away as your body drifts off to a peaceful deep sleep. It's designed to teach your mind and body how to get more out of sleep each time you experience listening to (and falling asleep to) this amazing cassette. Everyone can benefit from a better night's sleep!


Mega Mind & Body

This program will teach you how to control your emotional states, while cleansing your mind of the emotional garbage that we collect and store over the passing years. Learn how to increase self-confidence and self-esteem, and how to have fun while doing it; as well as how to become more positive and have fewer and fewer things affect you in a negative, disempowering way. What more can we say, other than that the Mega Mind & Body audiocassette will noticeably enhance all areas of your life very quickly! (Also excellent for enhancing relationships with family, friends and loved ones.)


Learn Self-Hypnosis

Increase relaxation, self-esteem and self-confidence while relieving stress, tension (including tension headaches), anger, worry and frustration. Gain the best night's sleep every night, ultimate self-control and inner peace, as well ass improved health. Do yourself a favor and learn how to rejuvenate your mind and body through self-hypnosis. One workshop will teach you how to achieve all of this and more for the rest of your life!


Unlock the Seven Wonders of your Mind

For years, the human mind has mystified all who studied it, drawing one unanimous global conclusion; experts agree that by changing the inner attitudes of our mind we can drastically change the outer aspects of our lives. Unlock a number of these mysteries and increase the available percentage of the mind's usage by learning how to unleash the unstoppable power of your subconscious! You will gain now from using these easy techniques once taught by the masters, never before taught to the general public. You will reap the benefits of this workshop immediately and for the rest of your life! This truly is the best seminar we offer!!!


Stop Smoking Forever

Smoking is one of the strongest linking habits that the mind carries. In order to break this bond we must break the link destroying the record in our minds of this habit ever existing. You will benefit from techniques on beating smoking physically, methods on beating smoking mentally, as well as how to wipe out the cravings, control the possible irritability and eliminate any chance of weight gain. I will help you beat this habit both on a mental and physical level, quickly and effectively!


Weight Loss for Life

Through hypnosis and neuro associative conditioning, these tapes will help you change limiting habits and beliefs when it comes to food, overeating, losing weight, etc. This is the strongest way to become truly free from your weight forever! These tapes will also teach you:

  1. How to make losing weight pleasurable on a subconscious level so you don't have to force yourself to do it.
  2. How to lose one pant or dress size within ten days of listening to the tapes, for instant results.
  3. Secrets on how to increase your metabolism and literally turn your body into a fat burning furnace-through breathing techniques, different food combinations and the right times of the day to eat them, simple exercises that you can do at home, as well as a drink that you can buy at your corner store for $1.00 that will almost double the fat calories you will burn while exercising!
  4. How to increase your energy, and how to teach your body a way to gain instant energy whenever you need it - without drugs.
  5. How drinking 8-10 glasses of water could be harmful to your diet - how to beat this common mistake!
  6. How to find the hidden fats in foods so you can eat what you want and do not have to pay hundreds of dollars a month for "their foods".
  7. The do's and don'ts of weight loss.
  8. How to build lean muscle mass at home without any fancy machines or expensive fitness memberships.
  9. How to beat cravings mentally and physically, and how to disempower them so they no longer control you.
  10. How to keep the weight off.
  11. Plus much, much more!
It's all here finally in one place - and it's on audiocassette.



The price of audiocassettes are $50.00 each.